Saturday, November 1, 2014

Flags of the American Revolution Continued

Five blocks and lots of stripes this month.

Guilford Courthouse Flag
I used wool for the circles instead of buttons for this block.  I didn’t even realize they were supposed to be stars until everyone started posting their blocks.

 Sons of Liberty
This one was very simple.

U.S. Navy Jack
I really like the snake block with his cute little tongue .

First Stars and Stripes

Bennington Flag

The last two are supposed to have lots of button stars but not being able to find buttons and not a big fan of buttons on quilts anyway 
I choose to wait and see if I could get some ideas from some of the other quilters taking part in 
Some ladies had star fabric with stars that were large enough to appliqué on.  Which looks great but I think I am going to go with wool again.  Now to figure out the size of the stars since there is no pattern given.


  1. I like that we got a lot of different ideas from the other ladies who are making this. Your blocks are terrific!

  2. Your blocks look great! The wool stars seems an excellent solution.

    lizzy at gone to the beach

  3. Love the fabrics you used for your many different ideas for the stars!

  4. Yours look terrific. It really is fun to see everyone's blocks. I regret not putting white woolen stars on my First Stars and Stripes - but, oh well!

  5. Your blocks are great, Nancy!! I have lots and lots and lots of buttons if you change your mind!! ;-0

  6. Very nice blocks again this month! I like the little creamy-plaid you are using. Is it a homespun?


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