Friday, October 31, 2014

The Di Ford Mystery and Noah & Matilda

I managed to get all the Broderie Perse I could fit into the center block stitched.
I am happier than I thought I would be with the outcome.  It wasn’t the easiest nor the neatest appliqué I have done but it’s finished and I moved on to the circles.  They were much simpler.
I am now stitching on part three...More Broderie Perse. ((:
Noah and Matilda month ten.  


                                                                              Cactus Vase

                                                                 Mexican Rose

Such Cute Block patterns.  This quilt just keeps getting better and better.  Only two months (6 blocks) left and we will have all of the blocks.  Lots to do on the borders.
I love Dawns patterns and I think she may be about to launch a new one.
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  1. Great blocks and I really really love the unique pineapple!
    I hope you will do a post of your flag blocks soon.:)

  2. Perfect fabric for the cactus, it looks like it has thorns! Love the quilt too, really wishing I had joined that sew along. Happy to follow your progress though!

  3. I love your fabric choices! Your blocks are beautiful. Just a few grapes a day gets the borders done...easier said than done? :-)
    New patterns are almost ready...
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. As usual, you have inspired me again! Your Di Ford Mystery quilt is so pretty and those Noah and Matilda blocks get cuter each month!


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