Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Benjamin Biggs

 Benjamin Biggs block 10

What can I say about this one except that it sure is a strange one.  I don’t know if it’s a vase or a candle holder or something else entirely.

I tried to photograph all ten blocks together so I could see how it was looking and all I decided was it looks dull, dull, dull to me.  The colors are so dark almost a maroon and not at all what I wanted but here it is and on I go.
Maybe a dull quilt won’t be too bad.
I am open to any suggestions anyone might have as to how I could brighten it up.


  1. Me gusta !!!
    tu colcha no es nada aburrida
    veo mis colores preferidos

  2. I like your blocks as my favorite color palette has always been to include deeper colors. If it continues to pull at you though, what about adding touches of embroidery - use gold/mustard threads and add a design element in some of the flowers to give them definition? Just a thought...
    Agree with you about October's block - a very odd one indeed but when incorporated into the others will add to the charm of this project.

  3. Not all of the blocks look dark to me, and some of the darkness I had attributed to a lighting issue.
    How many blocks are left? Are these going to be placed in this order, to be an exact replica or are you open to switching them around? I think it is beautiful, but if you want to lighten it a bit, could you use a little brighter gold in a future block and a little lighter red in another , etc., and just intersperse those blocks amidst the existing ones? Just a thought, but I love it as is. : )

  4. I think it looks great. Deeper yes than the bright red and green ones but this has a nice rich tone to it

  5. Really it is not dull Nancy. The darker shades are balanced by the lovely cheddar buds - so nice that you have used the same cheddar in all the buds.

  6. It looks good to me! I really like that you used the same color for your corner buds....it ties it together nicely. I wish I had done that on mine!

  7. I suggest that you frame each block in the gold color already used in the applique. I think with the rich tones that you already have, it would serve to both brighten and deepen the tones already there.

  8. It looks very pretty to me and in that sense, different than your other red and green quilts which gives some variety. Once the blocks are all together and quilted, it will take on a whole new look! I think the deep colors are nice!

  9. Your blocks are beautiful but maybe you can add in a light green in some future blocks? Good luck. It seems like some quilts can be a roller coaster of loving and disliking certain areas.:)

  10. Your blocks look gorgeous all set out together! I love the beautiful colors. Your work is so lovely!


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