Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mountmellick - Di Ford Mystery

 I started working on the Di Ford mystery quilt back in September of 2014 along with hundreds of other women.

The almost final border was made of all  these paper pieced stars.  I am not really a big fan of english paper piecing but they had to be made so I decided to order the papers and a template from

 The papers were great but I was not too happy with the plastic template.  It had too much writing on it making it very difficult to see what you wanted to fussy cut for the center.

The seam allowance was so large it lapped over itself and had to be trimmed wasting fabric and time. I did push on and managed to make all 36 stars.

Now all that's  left is the last little fabric border.  I really love this quilt and am so glad I made it.
It contained two first for me broderie perse  and english paper piecing

Until next time happy stitching.