Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chester Criswell

 Just to catch up on my third year blocks for the Chester Chriswell quilt.

Block 24 Alice Richmond

Block 25 Sarah Stubbs

The quilt has three Sarah Stubbs blocks but I only made two.

 Block 26 Elizabeth Cummins

I thought about not continuing on with the third year but I have a hard time not finishing something I start so I am continuing on.  So far this third year has held some pretty blocks so I am happy I didn't quit. Now I need to start thinking about how I want to lay this one out.  I might even decide to make two quilts since I have so many blocks.
Happy stitching,


  1. I did the first 12 blocks of the Criswell quilt and purchased the next 12. Since I am so far behind, I decided not to purchase the next set. Seeing yours makes me think I should go ahead with the project.

  2. As always, Nancy, your work is stunning!! I am glad you continued on with the third year too!! I want to see how you finish this (these) quilt(s)!! And I hope you inspired Karen to finish as well!! :-))

  3. Beautiful blocks, Nancy. I understand the need to finish what you start. Closure is important to me, too, though you would never know it if you peeked in my UFO closet!

  4. Beautiful blocks Nancy. I am also a finisher, but these applique albums we favor take a while. It is nice to have a couple going to keep the interest going. Happy Stitching.

  5. You did a great applique-job on your Chester Criswell-blocks! Your applique is absolutely gorgeous! I also love how your Benjamin Biggs is taking shape and do not think it is boring; just sophisticated!
    Kind regards from Holland... Ageeth

  6. Is t it fun to think of the makers as friends, and they shared or drew the pattern together?

  7. No need in stopping now - just keep on stitching! Such pretty blocks! You are the Queen of Applique!


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