Monday, April 28, 2014

Chester Criswell

  Block 20 Margaretta Harris’s Block

I decided to use the quick, fabric wasting method to make my Chester Criswell block this month.  Since I have more fabric than time.
First I  printed 4 copies of the pattern, reversed two and taped them together to make a complete pattern.  Then I traced the whole pattern onto freezer paper.  I then ironed this to another piece of freezer paper to make it sturdier. So I could turn the edges.

Since there were no connecting lines in the pattern I made sure to put some registration marks so I would be able to line the pieces up again once cut apart.

After cutting the pattern out I ironed two pieces to one piece of fabric and two on another.

I had previously marked the pattern on my background with a blue wash away marker and was careful to include the registration marks.  Difficult to see in the picture but they are there.

I then turned the edges with my starch and little iron.  Placed them on the background and stitched.
I have never done  back basting but I think it would be a good method to use for this block.
With back basting it could be done from one piece of fabric without all the waste.
Happy Stitching,

Friday, April 25, 2014


This has been the decision I have had to make lately.  I have chosen stitching since there seems to be so much of it I need to get completed.

This is block four of the Benjamin Biggs quilt.  I added a little pink to see if I could brighten things up a bit.

Then the next four blocks of Noah and Matilda
I like all those green grapes and the little flower pot.

I want to make some of the quilts from Di Ford’s new book Primarily Quilts.

 So I ordered some lovely Chintz fabric from Betina in the Netherlands.  They ship quickly and are so nice to deal with.

I have also been stitching on my Auntie Green and Chester Criswell but no new pictures of these.
Hope everyone has a lovely weekend.
Happy stitching,