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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mountmellick - Di Ford Mystery

 I started working on the Di Ford mystery quilt back in September of 2014 along with hundreds of other women.

The almost final border was made of all  these paper pieced stars.  I am not really a big fan of english paper piecing but they had to be made so I decided to order the papers and a template from Paperpieces.com

 The papers were great but I was not too happy with the plastic template.  It had too much writing on it making it very difficult to see what you wanted to fussy cut for the center.

The seam allowance was so large it lapped over itself and had to be trimmed wasting fabric and time. I did push on and managed to make all 36 stars.

Now all that's  left is the last little fabric border.  I really love this quilt and am so glad I made it.
It contained two first for me broderie perse  and english paper piecing

Until next time happy stitching.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Harrison Rose

It’s time for an update on my Harrison Rose quilt.  There are 16 blocks in this quilt and I have stitched nine of them so I am over half way there.  They are really very easy to stitch.
I see there is one on the bottom row that wants to be different.

The first border is made up of half square triangles and I wanted to have them ready when I completed stitching all of the blocks so I could put the quilt together.

The finial border is  plain leaving room to quilt the beautiful feather design that is included in pattern.
I am really enjoying working on Harrison Rose another one of Collector with a Needle’s great patterns.  All of Dawn’s beautiful patterns can be found on her Etsy shop here.
Until the next time

Friday, May 22, 2015

Ohio Sampler and Other Projects

It’s Friday and Karen, Lori, LuAnn and Cathy are posting their  Ohio Sampler updates.  Since I have already assembled my quilt I thought I would post an update on some of the other quilts I have been working on.

First Benjamin Biggs.  
I will say I have done a complete turn around on my attitude about this quilt.
At first the dark reds I had chosen to uses didn’t appeal to me but after putting the first half of the quilt together I find I really like the way it is looking.

Next Chester Chriswell.  
I chose to make both versions of this months blocks because even if they are the same block they look so different when you add the green.

It’s hard to believe that after three years of working on this quilt we only have one block left to stitch.

There were a few more photos I would like to have uploaded for this post but it seems the new Apple  Photo App is not cooperating .  I hate this new update.  It is so confusing and difficult to use.  In my opinion change is not always a good thing.
Until next time,

Friday, May 15, 2015

Ohio Collection Together

It took a little figuring and several coping strips but my version of the Ohio Collection quilt is finally together. The final version is 80.5 x90.5 a little larger than the pattern.

This may turn out to be one of my favorite quilts.  I think because it was difficult and is so different from any other quilt I have ever  made. 

 Once again I would like to thank Karen from Log Cabin Quilter for all the unique patterns she sent for me to include in my quilt.

After all the stress from putting Ohio Collection together I decided I needed something quick and simple to stitch.  When I first started quilting I bought a lot of kits - not so much anymore.  I have had this Shadowbox kit for several years, too many to remember.

Oops, I see I got the two end blocks on the first row reversed.  Why can’t I remember to take the picture before I sew the whole thing together?
Until the next time.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Ohio Collection Sampler

I missed posting last Friday so I have two weeks of work to post about today.

Spice Pink

Folk Art Birds

Folk Art Flowers

I have been using Kona cotton for the solids in this quilt and am not very happy with the way the pieces look after being washed.  I always wash my blocks after stitching to remove the glue and starch.  I am wondering if it is just the Kona or do all solids do this?

The Stork

Tree Everlasting

Small Baskets

Cactus Basket

Since I have finished all the blocks I plan on making for this quilt I thought I would start trying to figure out just how I was going to get them all sewn into a quilt.

I can say it has not been an easy task.   Lots and lots of Y seams and little empty spots to fill with fabric. I needed to make several filler blocks of squares, strips and half square triangles.

It’s like trying to put together a giant puzzle made out of cloth where the pieces seem to keep changing size.  There has been much taking out and putting back, some do overs because of careless cutting but I think I may have this one all together by next Friday.

Be sure and check out Lori, Cathy, LuAnn and Karen’s blogs for there progress this week.
Until next time,

Saturday, April 25, 2015

That Quarter Inch Seam

So last week feeling the need to do some piecing I decided to make a Log Cabin quilt.  This seemed like an easy project that would not take much thought.
Now I was under the impression I could stitch an accurate quarter inch seam.  Boy was I surprised when I started pressing my blocks.  They all looked like they were swaying in and out.
I used the log cabin die for my Go cutter so I couldn’t blame the crooked sections on my cutting.

I kept stitching and stitching going slower and slower.  I tried using a guide but that only made  things worse.  After about 100 eight and one half inch blocks I got a little better, not perfect but good enough.

I am making this zig zag quilt to fit a queen sized bed.  With 100 blocks sewn it turns out to be 80 inches square.  Since I don’t have anymore of the colored fabric  I was considering adding a border of some sort.
Any suggestions on how to do this without it looking like I just stuck on a border  to make the quilt larger?

Friday, April 24, 2015

Ohio Collection and other blocks

 It’s Friday and time for an update on my Ohio Collection progress.

I stitched three blocks this week.  The lamb, the basket and this great rooster.  Once again thanks Karen for sending me the drawings for these blocks.  They add so much to my quilt.  It’s getting close to the time I need to start trying to figure out how all of these blocks are going to go together to make a quilt.
Hop over to visit Lori, Cathy, LuAnn and Karen for a Friday update on their blocks.

I am also up to date with my Chester Criswell  blocks.. There are only two more blocks left in this three year journey.

This is my latest Benjamin Biggs block.

Until next time,

Friday, April 17, 2015

Ohio Collection Update

I have finished a few more blocks for the Ohio Collection quilt.

First my new eagle block.  I like this one so much more than the previous one.  It just seems to fit in  the quilt better.

The Oak Leaf and Reel block.

Old Tom is not in the Anita Shackelford pattern but it is in one of the original quilts.  Karen drew the pattern and was nice enough to send me a copy.  I still need to embroider his nose and eyes.

The shoe block is just too cute and so unusual.  I think this type of block just adds so much to the quilt.
I think there are five sewing along now.   Karen, Lori, Cathy, LuAnn and Me.

Until next time,

Monday, April 6, 2015

Ohio Collection

Ohio Collection has been in my library for a while but I never thought I would actually make the quilt because of the Eagle pattern.  It looked really difficult and I didn’t especially like it or think it looked quite right in this quilt.  After reading  on Karen’s blog Log Cabin Quilter that she and Lori from Humble Quilts were making this quilt I wrote Karen and she said they were going to change the eagle - duh! - Wonder why I never thought of doing this.

I have stitched most of the pieced blocks and am pretty happy with them except for the yellow fabric.  It’s more yellow than it appears in the picture.  I’m thinking more of a cheddar color fabric would have looked better.  It could changed  but I just can’t see myself making another one of those spiked circle blocks.  I was really rather surprised I  could make it the first time and don’t want to push my luck.

Four of the appliqué blocks stitched and now I need to decide what  to do about that eagle block.

I started  going through all of my books on antique quilts and discovered several with eagles.

Funny thing while looking through "The American Quilt" book I found two quilts with eagles that  look like they were made from patterns from my EQ7.

This one is named Eagle, c1850-1875 from northeastern Ohio 

This one is also called Eagles and is dated around 1926 made by Sarah Risser in Pennsylvania.

This block is prepped  from a combination of patterns from EQ7 and I was surprised to see how much it  looks like the eagles in the previous quilt.
I will have to find another use for it because it is just not what I want for this quilt.

I did find a picture of an Eagle in this book I really like and now I  need to figure out a way to get it to the correct size .
Until next time!

Friday, March 6, 2015

New to me

I have been sewing and ripping forever and this is something I never knew.  Just turning the ripper tool over makes so much difference.  I don’t have her particular ripper and I don’t mean to be advertising for her.  I am sure she sells a great ripper but the method  works the same with all of mine.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Flags of the American Revolution

I am always happy when I set a goal for myself and actually reach it.  I knew today was to be the final day for posting about the Flags of the American Revolution sew along Lori from Humble Quilts has been hosting on her blog so I really wanted to have my quilt completed.

I sewed the final binding stitches last night and took a few pictures this morning.

I have really enjoyed sewing along with all the other ladies who are making this quilt.  It not only keeps you on track but it was fun to see how each person interpreted the Jan Patek pattern.

There are more great pictures and links to follow to see all the other quilts that were made over on Lori’s blog HumbleQuilts.
Happy Stitching,