Friday, September 23, 2016

Shenandoah Valley, Phebe and The 1857 Album Quilt

My September block for the Shenandoah Valley Quilt .  For some reason the picture loaded upside down.

I have finally started stitching the center block of Phebe.  I've had the pattern and fabrics for a couple of years but didn't start because of this center block some of the pieces are so tiny.
This is one of my favorite patterns.  I believe it is because  of those little sheep.
I want to thank Luann from LooseThreads for sending me the fabric for her dress the center of the vase and the bird wings.  They really made a difference.

Sentimental  Stitches has been sending out patterns each month for the 1857 quilt.  Here are my blocks so far.   The blocks are to finish 10”.  Not sure how I will sew them together with those little melons so close to the seam allowance.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stitching ,

Saturday, September 3, 2016

The Bible Quilt, 1718 Coverlet and My Di Ford Mystery Quilt

Long time no see.  Well, I blame Facebook.  So many people have left blogger and moved to Facebook because they say it’s an easier format to use.  
I think some things about Facebook are easier, like posting photos but to me it doesn’t feel as personal a blog.
I may not have been blogging but I have been busy stitching.

I finally got all the words stitched on my Bible Quilt
 and the  blocks put together.
This is my version of Jan Patek’s pattern.

  Harriet Powers made the original quilt which is in the Museum of American History .
You can read all about her quilt HERE.
The Bible Quilt was such a fun quilt to make and I really enjoyed the journey.  
I wish I could say the same thing about this next quilt.
The 1718 Coverlet from the book by Susan Briscoe has to be one of the most challenging projects I have ever stitched.  Partly because it has so many little pieces and partly because I am such a terrible piecer
This is my version.  I am so, so happy to be finished with this top.

Maybe if I put it away for a while I will see it with new eyes.

You can read more about the original quilt HERE.

All I have to say about this quilt is What was I Thinking?  Or maybe I wasn’t thinking at all when I decided to make the 1718 Coverlet.

"Di Ford’s Mystery Quilt”
This one I did enjoy making.  It too was challenging but in a different way.
This was my first attempt at Broderie Perse and it has lots of English paper piecing.
I was too late to get in on Homestead Hearth’s BOM so I gathered my own fabrics  Some  from my stash and some I found on the internet.

Now that I am getting some of my projects completed it must be time to look around for something new.
Have you seen the Celebrating Mary Brown Pattern?

It was inspired by the Mary B Brown quilt circa 1851.
The pattern is by Corliss Searcey and is available in the US at Sentimental Stitches.
I hope everyone has been getting a lot of stitching done.
Until the next time,