Monday, October 8, 2012

Poor Farmers Wife

For the past few days I have been merrily sewing along putting my Farmers Wife quilt together.
Using all these cute little leaves as corner stones.  Then I decided to put it up on the wall and take a picture.  Well, the leaves are falling...I forgot this quilt is - ON POINT-  and when I turned it good grief  all the leaves are leaning to the left.
Looking at my fabric the only way to get them to stand up straight is to cut all the little 1.5 inch squares on the bias with the leaves going sideways and then when the quilt is turned  the leaves would be straight.  Now do I really want to go to all this trouble or just have tipsy leaves?

On a brighter note my package arrived from Kris at The Quilting Garden.  I love the way she wraps her packages and look a little surprise scissors attached for my applique’.  Thanks Kris.