Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blocks, Borders and Decisions

Auntie Green side borders

Noah and Matilda side border

Chester Criswell Mary McDowell Block 28

Chester Criswell Maria Criswell Block 29

Block 13 The center Benjamin Biggs block

Benjamin Biggs Block 14 

I have been doing a lot of stitching this month keeping up with all the quilts I have in progress.
Chester Criswell, Auntie Green and Noah and Matilda are almost coming to an end but I have several others in  the beginning stage.

I have also been contemplating getting rid of my long arm machine. I can never seem to get it to work the way I want it to and spend a lot of time taking out stitches.  Maybe hand quilting is the way to go.  I do love hand quilted quilts but they take so long to finish.

Maybe I could be like my Paternal Grandmother an amazing woman pictured here in a newspaper article.  Who at the age of 98 was still quilting away.
We can only hope.

I know I am not able to afford quilting by check as most of my tops are appliquéd and need custom quilting and I have a lot of tops that need to be turned into quilts.  So many decisions.  I think I will just go for a walk.
Hope you find some time to do what makes you happy today.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Harrison Rose

Dawn did a nice post here this morning about her new pattern Harrison Rose.  So I thought I needed to update my progress on this wonderful new quilt pattern.

I have four of the blocks stitched.  
I chose to make my quilt in pinks and greens mainly because I have collected so many bubblegum pinks and second because  I have two red and green quilts in progress at the moment.

I am  glad I did because it is turning out to be so bright and cheerful.  I am sure I won’t have any trouble finding a home for this one.

The blocks are so easy to stitch and I have several more prepped and ready. 

Dawn has hers in the quilting frame and is stitching all the beautiful feather designs that are also included in the pattern.  I wish I was that far along but then I remember it is all about the process to me. I am in no hurry because I must always have something to stitch. When I finish this one I will just being another.
Are you a product or a process person?

Happily stitching,

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Flags of the American Revolution

Thanks to Lori from Humble Quilts we are just about finished with our Flags of the American Revolution quilt.  I only have the name  block left to stitch.

I have  the top together all except for the last block.  This is such a great quilt and I know without Lori keeping us on track I would never have made it.