Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flower Garden Borders

The borders on Kim McLean’s Flower Garden are really something to stitch.  At least they were for me.  The sides are completely stitched and I am working on the bottom border.   Everything is ready to go except for all the little circles over the vase and I still need to find a fabric for those also after seeing this picture I have decided to change the vase to another fabric.  This one seems to fade into the background a little too much.

Since the green tree is the one I am not looking forward to stitching I thought I would do it first and get it over with.  Surprise, surprise look what I found.  It must be a flaw in the fabric that I didn’t catch.  It’s not stitched and I could make it over but it sure was a lot of work.  So what would you think if maybe I just put a little bird or a circle over it.   I mean this quilt is so busy maybe it wouldn’t be noticed. Or does anyone else have a suggestion as to how this could be fixed?

I really don’t want to make another tree!
Not so happy stitching,

Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Farmers Wife

I haven’t had a lot of time to spend on my Farmer’s Wife quilts but thought I would post my progress.  I have been making two versions.  A traditional one made with reproduction fabrics and one made with red, white and cream.

The traditional one is set like the book suggests and for the red and white one I am using a setting I found here.  I think it gives it a more modern look.  If I want my daughters to keep any of my quilts and not sell them all in a yard sale  I better start getting more modern.

My latest purchase is from Kris at Lavender Quilts.  Some of the new Kaffe Fassett fabrics for my applique’.  I think they are just wonderful.

Happy Stitching,


This morning while spending my usual blog reading time I came to this post by Silly Goose Quilts.
It lead me to this site All click here .
Now if you have some time to kill you might go there.  Lots of great blogs.
I finally just had to shut down the computer so I could get something accomplished today.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Feathered Tulip in Vases

After finally selecting my fabrics for the Feathered Tulip quilt I started prepping the blocks to stitch.

Once again I used the freezer paper and starch method because I planned to stitch this one by machine.
The pieces are quite large and since I already have two applique’ quilts I am stitching by hand I thought I might get this one finished before I pass if it was done by machine.
Well, after stitching a few pieces on the machine I quickly decided machine applique’ was not the look I wanted for this quilt.  So back to hand stitching.

I enjoy using the starch and glue method for prepping my applique because it makes the blocks so easy to take with you and stitch when you have a few minutes of free time.  It does take longer to prep the blocks but once that’s finished the stitching goes quickly and all the pieces stay right where you put them.  Some consider this cheating (not me)  and I don’t use this method for all my applique’ work just the quilts with large pieces.

 Feathered Tulip has five blocks set on point with setting triangles and three borders.

Since the edges of these setting triangles will be on the bias I decided to leave them all together until the stitching was completed.  I finished all the stitching last night but will not cut them apart until I assemble the quilt center.
The original quilt has just three borders but I plan on making 4 borders for my quilt and they still need to be prepped.
This is a lovely pattern from Dawn at Collector with a Needle.  She and her daughter do a wonderful job recreating patterns from antique’ quilts.
Happy stitching,

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Chester County Criswell Quilt

There is a new Block of the Month quilt going around blog land called 
Sharon from Two Bits Patches is recreating a family quilt made in the 1850's in Pennsylvania as a wedding quilt.  The blocks were all made by different people and all are appliqued signature blocks.  Sharon is the Great Great Grand daughter of the bride for whom the quilt was made.  If you click on the link above you can read all about the quilt's history.

I have completed block one Jane Wilson’s block

and have block two Elizabeth Cowan's block ready to stitch.

  At first I wasn't going to do this quilt because I have several other applique quilts in progress but as I kept reading  her blog I finally became hooked.  One thing to like about the quilt it doesn't have borders.  I also enjoy reading all the family history.  There will be 36 blocks so all 64 of them will not be included...Thank goodness.  

I decided to use the starch and freezer paper method with the first two blocks.  You can read about my process here.  Having quite a few reproduction fabrics in reds and greens  my version will be somewhat scrappy.  I also had this background fabric on hand and decide to use it but on further examination I see it is directional..oh well, it will just have to do because I am not doing these blocks over.
When will I ever learn to pay better attention.

Happy stitching,