Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day Everyone!

I looked all through my quilts and this is the only patriotic one I could come up with.  
It's a little pattern from Diane at Butterfly Threads.  It even comes with a tiny little tumbler template.

Diane has this picture posted today  and it’s much clearer than mine.
Happy 4th!


  1. I wanted to make a new flag piece of some kind this summer and never found time to do it. A couple days ago, I did start working on a red, white, and blue quilt but it won't be done for a while.
    Happy 4th to you. I enjoyed seeing your flag.

  2. Very cute, Nancy!! I love how all the different fabrics give it detail but still gives the look of red, white and blue!! Happy 4th!!

  3. Very fun little quilt and good idea for tumbler blocks.

  4. Thanks Nancy! So glad you are enjoying your little flag quilt this holiday! Have a safe and fun weekend!

  5. It is a very sweet little mini.:) Very patriotic!

  6. Que bonito trabajo
    ¡¡¡me gusta tu bandera!!!
    felicidades aunque sea ya 7 de mayo

  7. Love your little flag. I got my patriotic quilts out too, all two of them and didn't take any pictures :-)

    Love your Auntie Green progress.


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