Sunday, July 27, 2014

Christmas in July- just barely

This pattern is called Christmas 101 and is from the Jan Patek book Country Quilts.  
This is a great book with lots of Primitive patterns.

This is also a Jan Patek pattern  Santa Clause Lane which  I won in a giveaway on Lavender Quilts back in  August of 2012. 
The tops have been pieced for some time and I finally got them quilted and off my UFO list.
It was my plan to have quilts to hang for Christmas when all the family was still coming to my house for Christmas dinner.  Well, time has moved along and we now all get together at my Daughters house.
I have become very lax in my seasonal decorating  maybe these will inspire me to do more.


  1. I too get lazy on the Christmas decorating but I have two spots for quilts one quite small and one for 36" or bigger pieces. It's pretty easy to get a couple of quilts on the wall. Much easier than the tree and everything else. Of course, I'm tired of the quilts I've been using for years"

  2. I'll bet you will look forward to decorating with these fun quilts to hang!

  3. Those quilts will look great in your home at Christmas! You are making a lot of progress on your UFOs.

  4. I just finished a wool prim Santa! You are in good company!

  5. Wow!! I LOVE your rendition of the Santa Claus Lane!! Has it really been 2 full years?? Thanks for the shout-out!! You be da best!!

  6. I made the Christmas 101 quilt. It was very enjoyable. I have wanted to make the Santa quilt but still have not done it.


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