Saturday, March 2, 2013


 I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to do something about all these  quilt tops.
They have been hanging over this door for several years and I think people are getting tired of bumping into them every time they come into this room.  Not to mention this is the room where my DH's computer is.

This is the result so far.  I put an all over design on these simply because there were so many to do.  I know some of them would look better with a little custom quilting but I want to get finished before the end of this century.  They are trimmed but not bound and I will post about each one as I get the binding completed.

This is what I have left to do except for the little ones that are not hanging.  There are 5 of those.

I need to buy backs for some of them and some of them need something more than a pantograph.

Oh, and I am not counting all the appliqued quilt tops in the plastic bin. Oh my!   Those will require a lot of thought.  I have put so much work into them and am not the best custom quilter out there.

One thing I am earning from this experience.  No more making quilts just because they look pretty in a book or a magazine or because a friend makes it.  I need to have a purpose for the quilt and it needs to get quilted before I start on something else.  I mean I am running out of places to stack quilts.
I wonder is there anyone else out there like me?
Happy stitching,


  1. Hi, Nancy. That's quite a whirlwind of activity--I'm exhausted just reading about it! Congratulations on finishing so much. Really liked your flower garden quilt in the previous post--a beauty.
    best, nadia

  2. Congratulations on your progress! I have recently reached the same conclusion--I have too many unfinished tops--not enough kids to give them to. But also a ton of stash. What's a girl to do?! ;)

  3. Enter the Charity mindset. I am trying to finish up started projects and have only started projects that have a definite finish date, this keeps me on track with them. Enjoy the process and not the progress on your next start. I also think that many of us make small doll quilts for the "quick fix" and then get back to their regularly scheduled quilt top. And it's the same story with longarm quilters, we do others but not our own, just like the cobblers kids being barefoot!

  4. That is quite a dent you have made. I have about 6 that need to be quilted. You have set a good example for many of us. Maybe I can get one quilted and then do another project; get one quilted and then do another project; etc. Maybe that will get my stack under control. Thanks for such an inspiring blog post. BTW, I love your quilt tops and your quilts. Will be looking forward to seeing full pics as you get them bound.

  5. I am so impressed! You made my day.

  6. You are not alone! But you're ahead of us now with all this activity. Look forward to hearing about each one.

  7. It sounds like you just enjoy making them, this goes the same for me. I also have at least a dozen wall quilts to do by sewing machine and 2 small ones for hand quilting. Today I took the 2 queen size tops to be long arm machine quilted as I don't do large ones on my sewing machine. I did learn long time ago to make the binding as I finish the top becasue if you don't you will end up using the fabric for it some where else. I made 5 binding this week for my finshed UFO projects (yeah), all marked as to what quilt it belongs to. Just keep making them and add some machine work in every day along with hand work and you will find that you will get alot accomplised. I'll watch for your progress...

    1. That is quite the collection of tops .... but at least you are doing something about them and there will be lots of quilts to enjoy soon!

      I have about a dozen tops ... but I love to hand quilt and it will be a long time before they can get done.

  8. I spy your Nativity quilt waiting for finishing. I made one of those. I did simple quilting on it. I look forward to seeing all the finished quilts.

  9. Nancy, I can't wait to see all your beautiful quilts you've quilted! What an accomplishment. I don't think I recognize any in the stack so it will be a nice surprise!

  10. You are amazing! So much progress! Congrats on all your hard work.:)

  11. Oh, wow, Nancy, you have been a busy, busy girl!! I am excited about seeing each one as it gets the binding on. You know how much I love your work. Too bad I don’t live closer, I could come over and help you with some of the bindings – I love to do the binding!!

  12. Ditto on previous comment - I too enjoy binding and would love to help. LOL - # of quilt tops. I have heard 33 or 35 a few times lately so I think you are an overachiever -haha.
    Comment above is right - You are amazing! And don't you forget it. hugs,


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