Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Applique Update

Block seven of the Chester County Criswell quilt.  It’s called Royal Palm.  There are two blocks of this design in the Chester Criswell Quilt, one for six year old William and one for three year old Harry Clendenen.  The blocks were  made by their mother Elizabeth Clendenen.  I am only making one.  Block eight is already out and I need to get busy on it.  Don’t want to get behind.
The history behind this quilt is very interesting and if you would like to read about it go to this link.

These are the next three blocks of the  Sally Post quilt.  I have added the setting triangles and I think they look a lot better when you see them on point.  The patterns are available for free on Sentimental Stitches.  A new block is released each Saturday.  Be sure to click on the words below the picture not the picture if you try to download them.  
This is the group project for the year for “Prim Folk Art Quilts” yahoo group.  There are 36 blocks and the goal is to make three a month.
I am happily stitching, 


  1. I'm saving patterns, still trying to finish up a few things. I love your setting triangle fabric on your SP blocks.

  2. I really like the little red flowers in the first block. Very striking block!

  3. All sweet blocks! You will have more beautiful quilts at the end of these.

  4. You're much better at keeping up with the CCC quilt. Your inner curves on #7 looks great. I think I have some of the same red spot fabric you have used on the flowers.


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