Saturday, March 30, 2013

Second Saturday Sampler

I finished applying the binding to two of my UFO Quilts.  Both of these quilts were made in 2005 as a BOM at Little Quilts - or as Little Quilts calls it their Second Saturday Sampler.
Both quilts were quilted with the baptist fan using the Quilt- EZ boards.

I decided to apply the binding by machine. The quilts were machine pieced and machine quilted so why not machine binding?
I used two steps to apply the binding.  First I used Sharon Schambers method of sewing the binding to the quilt and glue basting the binding down instead of pinning.  You can check it out here and then I tried Pat Sloan's method of sewing the binding down shown here.

I am try to decide if I should go back to using a straight stitch to sew my bindings down instead of the blanket stitch Pat uses because you are able to use a different color thread for the back and it matches better.  
I don't care how careful I was I just wasn't  able to stay close enough to the binding all the time.  I wonder how Pat does it?  The blanket stitch looks better on the front and the straight stitch looks better on the back.

Happy Stitching,

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  1. My sister and I used to machine stitch our binding and I could never get it right. I think it takes a lot of attention to detail and lots of practice! Congrats on your finishes. The second quilt esp. is very lovely!


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