Thursday, September 27, 2012

Flower Garden Borders

The borders on Kim McLean’s Flower Garden are really something to stitch.  At least they were for me.  The sides are completely stitched and I am working on the bottom border.   Everything is ready to go except for all the little circles over the vase and I still need to find a fabric for those also after seeing this picture I have decided to change the vase to another fabric.  This one seems to fade into the background a little too much.

Since the green tree is the one I am not looking forward to stitching I thought I would do it first and get it over with.  Surprise, surprise look what I found.  It must be a flaw in the fabric that I didn’t catch.  It’s not stitched and I could make it over but it sure was a lot of work.  So what would you think if maybe I just put a little bird or a circle over it.   I mean this quilt is so busy maybe it wouldn’t be noticed. Or does anyone else have a suggestion as to how this could be fixed?

I really don’t want to make another tree!
Not so happy stitching,


  1. Wow you've done so much work and it's lovely! I can see why you wouldn't want to redo the tree. What if you "pieced" it? Could you find the same area on the fabric and cut a small piece to fit that area alone? (Like maybe one of those circles on the fabric) As busy as the fabric is, I don't think it would even have to be the same--maybe an inch or so and just replace that section of the tree. I doubt it would be noticeable if it were a portion that was similar in color--just one more applique piece. Your borders are just gorgeous!

  2. Gorgeous work. I love this project every time I see pictures of it! Good luck with your tree!

  3. I would add a bird. Then the quilt would be truly your version and not exactly like the originator.

  4. Perhaps you could hide it with some bead embellishments. Or just put one of those little fruity things (the little cirlces around the edge of the tree) over it.

    You might keep this mind. What will you be using this for? Most people look at overall quilt. Once it is finished, no one is going to go inch by inch looking for a little flaw in a piece of fabric. I'd say just ignore it and move on. If it bugs you later, figure out a way to cover it up.

  5. stunning borders... makes me wish that i had the patience for appliqué!

  6. So much work has gone into this piece. Just beautiful!

  7. Your interpretation of Kim McLean's pattern is fabulous. You must be getting close to being done.

  8. the borders are just beautiful oh your inspiring me to get back to working on mine.
    Ok this is always going to bother you I bet, I would replace the tree . so much work goes into this quilt I would hate to look at that tree everytime I looked at the quilt and be upset.
    sorry but mho is to fix it now! Kathie

  9. This is gorgeous. I don't see the problem with the tree, I guess I don't see what you are talking about BUT, it's a big quilt with a lot of time invested and I'd redo it if it bothers you. Just sayin........

  10. Beautiful borders!! It won't take too long to replace the vase.
    Thank you for sharing!


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