Friday, August 26, 2011

Irene is Coming!

This past week I have been in Alexanderia, Virginia visiting with my Daughter. It seems like every time I come for a visit there is some sort of natural disaster.
Last week they had an earthquake here. At first we thought the washing machine was out of balance but when the whole house started moving and shaking we figured out it was an earthquake. She didn't have any real damage just a lot of crooked pictures and things falling off the cabinets.
Now we are trying to get ready for Irene. Rounding up batteries, a generator, water and anything else we can think of. The powers that be are saying we will loose power for several days.
If all goes as planned I will be returning home Tuesday----Maybe there won't be anything else before I get out of town.


  1. Oh my goodness! Praying you'll make it safely through the storm. Thought of you when the earthquake hit, too! See you real soon!

  2. Be safe, Nancy!! You are all in my prayers!! Kris

  3. Sending good wishes your way.



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