Thursday, December 16, 2010

Help Needed!

A few Months back I made this quilt for my son-in-law.  He is a huge University of Georgia Bulldog fan.  The first time it was washed the black binding and inner border just shredded.  I guess the black fabric was rotten and I didn't notice.   Now replacing the binding is no problem but what in the world am I going to do about that inner border?

The quilt is machine quilted and I just don't know if it would work to just sew another piece of border fabric over the shredded one or not.  Any suggestions from all you quilters out there?


  1. How horrible. I always do the "tug" test on blues and blacks as the dyes used do sometimes eat the fabrics. I would most certainly go the route it sounds like you have in mind. Just cut new strip with allowance press that under and then machine stitch down over top. It will anchor what fabric is there as well as strengthen the existing seam that the worn fabric has loosened. Good luck.

  2. I agree with the above comment. I know a lady that did repairs on antique quilts and thats what she would do, either applique or machine sew another piece on top. If you use the same quilting thread, just go back over the top of strip you replaced. Also I would wash the replacement fabric before adding to quilt.

  3. i concur with the two previous's prefectly aceptable to applique a patch over a worn patch...

  4. I'm going to have to join the group.
    Just 'appliqué' a new border.

    Dang, what a dilemma.

    Holiday Hugs,

  5. I absolutely agree - I would applique a new one on top with the seam allowances turned under. I guess your other option would be to actually cut the whole section of the quilt out - gack - and then use a quilt as you go method to sew the boarder back on. A little extreme maybe?

  6. I would take a personal mustache trimmer and use it between the batting and top layer to cut the quilting. They work great and it won't cut the fabric, just the threads. You can also take off the outer border. Then just cut away the damaged fabric. You can add another back on by sewing though the batting and backing. Add the final border the same way and then machine quilt all the borders..


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