Friday, December 17, 2010

Another Amazon Visit!

My friendly UPS man came today with more books.
Tonya Ricucci's first book Word Play Quilts arrived.  I have been looking forward to getting this book because I really like her quilts.  If you aren't familiar with Tonya's work you should check out her blog Lazy Gal Quilting.  Lots of great work there.

 And of course to get free shipping at Amazon you have to spend $25.00 - so I also got Stack the Deck Revisited by Karla Alexander.  Looked interesting.  Sometime I buy books just to dream and never get around to making any quilts in them.  Is there anyone else out there like me?


  1. We must have the same UPS man. My Words book came today also!!

  2. I have lots of books just to look at the pictures and think "maybe someday." Hope you enjoy the book - I already know you know how to make fabulous letters.


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