Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas quilt

I finally finished my Christmas quilt for my bed.  
It's a Turning Twenty -  king sized or a turning 42.  
Looks a little puffy since I have a down comforter under it.
The fabrics are by Moda -  Figgy Pudding and Fruit Cake.
I bought them last year when they went on sale...not the traditional Christmas colors....  In fact my Husband didn't even know it was a christmas quilt maybe it's the brown pillows.
I really like how it turned out and hate to take it off the bed so soon.


  1. If not a Christmas quilt
    fer sure a Winter Quilt
    Snowflakes were the first things I saw
    and then the evergreen trees.
    Yea, for Winter Quilt
    Warmer Holiday Hugs,

  2. Nancy, your Christmas quilt is beautiful! And like the other post, you could just use it as a winter quilt and keep it on the bed longer! Been missing your posts.


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