Monday, January 25, 2010

String Quilt Quilted

I was able to get my string quilt quilted this weekend..
It looks a lot like a Christmas quilt to me.
I used dryer sheets as the foundation and in the last few days I have been reading that used dryer sheets are highly flammable.. I think I will reconsider donating this quilt to a charity for children. I am going to try paper or the type of interfacing that dissolves when you wash your quilt.


  1. Great job! Dryer sheets are flammable and we use them in the dryer? Intersting...good to know.

  2. Hi Nancy,
    This quilt is just beautiful, I love the colors. I've heard that dryer "lint" is highly flammable not dryer sheets. People were trying to recycle the lint and use it to stuff things like crafts and that didn't work. Do a quick search to make sure, but I think the dryer sheets might be ok...although I did come upon a site that said we shouldn't use them for all the chemicals they have in them. I guess you can find something bad about anything on the internet. Good luck.

  3. Pretty String Quilt - For foundation piecing with strings, I've used telephone book pages, - they come out easily afterwards, and it's interesting to 'read' the bits and names when I remove them (small town here!). I have named my quilts, using this method, "Area Code 308", "Area Code 402", etc., when I run out of names. 8-))) You know how those telephone books accumulate and I've never had any issue with the ink. They also are a given size on 2 sides when you tear them out of the binding. Then I place a bunch of them on the paper cutter at office.


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