Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shenandoah Valley and 1718 Coverlet Quilts

Shenandoah Valley January block Star in the East.  I believe it’s the 4th block in the
 sew along.  There have  been so many beautiful versions of this block posted here.

I have also been trying to catch up stitching  my 1718 Coverlet quilt blocks.  This is such a weird quilt most of the backgrounds for the 4 1/2” blocks are made up of lots of little pieces .

When I first started I tried to make every block just as the original.  I soon gave up on that idea and have now chosen to make the backgrounds a little simpler.

I don’t think it has changed the overall look of the quilt and it has sure has made life simpler for me.

On another note.  It’s been freezing here and yesterday we had a light dusting of snow.  Now it’s pretty sad when your Grandchildren get this excited about this much snow.

We really need to take them somewhere so they can experience the real thing.
Until the next time,


  1. I love your Shenandoah Valley block. I have the book 1718 Coverlet but I haven't had the time to start it. Love yours. Hugs

  2. Nancy!! tu bloque es muy bonito,
    entiendo la alegría de tus nietos con la nieve,
    mis pitufinos aun no conocen la nieve,Julia y Lena viven en la costa Atlantica y Santiago en Brasil.
    Este año en España aun no hemos tenido grandes nevadas
    buena semana

  3. It snowed all around us but we got nothing

  4. The Star in the East block is well done. I like that you used a variety of prints within the flower petals and the leaves.

  5. What a pretty Shenandoah block. It's okay to make a pattern your own with adaptations.

  6. Your applique block is lovely. I commend you on your 1781blocks. The pattern is so willy nilly. You're doing a fantastic job working with all those fabrics, colors and designs. Phew! Loved the pic if the kids having fun in the "blizzard"!

  7. Your new Shenandoah Valley block is wonderful! I had the privilege to see Dawn's blocks this weekend and totally fell in love with them.
    The "1718" is on my ever-growing wish-list as well and I often take a look in the book and have been wondering about this backgrounds-in-pieces. I think yours looks great and still has the "feel" of the original. And overhere I have not seen any snow at all this winter...

  8. Nancy, your 1718 Coverlet quilt is looking quite interesting. I can't tell you changed any blocks but that is a good idea as some are quite complex. Glad the children got to enjoy a little snow - the wonder of a child!

  9. Your 1718 quilt is coming along very well! The simplified backgrounds don't really change the look at all. Good choice!

  10. Your taking on the 1718 Coverlet shows true quilting dedication! My oh my that is one intense project. Enjoy seeing the progress on your Shenandoah blocks. I just got the pattern - simply to follow along as it is so unique.

  11. Another gorgeous Shenandoah Valley block and I love your version of the 1718 Coverlet. I am all for simplifying or 'destressing' (as one of my readers recently put it). This quilt has been calling me recently, I can really see it on our bed.

  12. This block is a real eye-pleaser! It has such movement and is so vibrant!
    Wow--that coverlet looks really challenging!

  13. I remember the 1718 Coverlet.... hum yup still in the stack "to be done"
    Yours is looking very good. Keep up the good work.

  14. Love your SVBAQ block, well done! I can't see a difference in your block backgrounds on the coverlet - looks great to me!

  15. Lol you can bring them into Wisconsin... we have lots! Love the quilt.. beautiful!


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