Friday, January 16, 2015

Noah & Matilda Borders

I have spent the last several days working on my Noah and Matilda borders.

So many little pieces to prep. 
This is my work station with most of  the little tools I use.  I especially want you to notice the hi tech holder for my sizing  and brush.  I tend to use what ever works for me.
Warning this next picture may be a little frightening to see even after I touched it up a bit.

If you look under my appliqué pressing sheets ( actually I use a teflon oven sheet) you can see how badly my ironing board cover appears to be  scorched.
Those little irons get really hot so I have folded an old sheet and placed it under my teflon sheet to keep from damaging my actual ironing board cover.

Now that these bits were ready it was time to move on to the grapes. There are 204 little grapes in this border.

 Looking for a way to speed up the process I started going through my go dies and found one with a circle the size I needed.  So I used some heat resistant templar and cut out several circles.

I then began the process of stitching and turning circles.
Aren’t they cute all lined up in their crooked little lines?

With all the prep work completed I am stitching away on the borders now.  
To be honest I find the actual stitching a little boring.  The prep part is what I enjoy the most.  It’s kind of like working on a puzzle and once I have seen the picture I am ready for something else.
Maybe that’s why I have so many blocks and borders ready to stitch. Wink, Wink .

Some of you may have noticed I changed the top flower just a little.  I just couldn’t see me ever stitching so many of the original. They are so much smaller than they appear in this picture.

If you are like me and you don’t have enough projects let me tell you about a couple more.

Ester Aliu has an new free BOM called "Oma’s Blues" seen here and
Pearl P Pereira Designs is offering another free one "Bountiful Baskets" here.  
They are both real beauties.
Happy stitching,


  1. That is a lot of prep work! It's going to be amazing though- enjoy the stitching :0)

  2. Wow, what a lot of little pieces and berries. That will take some patience. But the result will be really beautiful!

  3. Oh my. That is a LOT of berries! I much prefer the stitching to the prep! Love to see your process though. Very interesting to see how everybody else does it as I'm always sure I'm not doing it correctly.:) lol

  4. Admiro tu orden y perfecta preparación del trabajo,
    sera un edredón precioso

  5. Nancy, I love what you're doing with the border! I hadn't counted the grapes. I bet Matilda would have used her Go cutter too if she had had one. That's a great suggestion. I like the change in the flower too. Another great hint!

  6. Wow, look at all those grapes lined up!
    Really like the change you made to those calyx on the rose buds, they look wonderful!
    I love how your borders are turning out - just beautiful!

  7. I am impressed--don't know that I have the dedication to make something like this, but it is going to be beautiful!

  8. WOW - now THAT is a lot of grapes. You are a wonder, Nancy.

  9. Impressive Nancy! I love how you are making it your own and sharing tips. Really beautiful!

  10. Wow - I'm so awed by your thorough prep work there! The berries look just perfect and the border is going to be worth all the work I'm sure!

  11. Impressionnant ce travail!toutes ces grains de raisins,un travail trés minutieux.
    je vous admire ,et suivrais avec interêt la suite de ce merveilleux quilt

  12. Such an impressive harvest of grapes you have, all lined up in their luscious rows. I agree with Janet's word -- you're truly dedicated to this beautiful project. I had hopes, bought and printed the patterns month by month, but they're just sitting in a folder. Maybe some day. Your work is definitely encouraging me to at least make a start.

  13. Your Appliqué is so, so wonderful.
    Greetings Grit

  14. Wow, 204 berries! Your borders look wonderful now and I'm sure the whole quilt is going to be beautiful.

  15. So many circles prepped! I think it was wise of you to change the flower shape to suit yourself. I do that sometimes.

  16. Great post! My favorite picture is the one with all the grapes lined up in rows!!! Those are some tiny pieces and lots of grapes but it is going to be a beautiful quilt! Your work is always outstanding!

  17. A little late on commenting on your post, because of my full weekend, but I would not wanted to miss this one, with all your grapes (204?... oh my...) in line. In the end, I am sure it will be such a beautiful quilt (although I can imagine, that you need another project on hand to do something in-between sewing grapes, as I would get bored also, if only stitching grapes for days). Your prepped work looks stunning!
    Kind regards, Ageeth.

  18. Wow! Your scorched pressing board looks just like mine! I am just too lazy to put a new covering on it. I agree with you 100% about the stitching being boring. I totally agree. I love prepping and could do it all day long. Your grapes are lovely and thank goodness you found a quicker way to make them:)


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