Friday, January 2, 2015

Noah and Matilda

My month eleven Noah and Matilda blocks.
I finally got to use my ruler from Karen Kay Buckley.  It works really well.   I only had one problem.  The blocks were to be trimmed to 8.5” and the ruler would not go that small on the outside.  It would make an 8 inch block on the inside of the ruler so I had to make marks and use another ruler to trim the blocks adding 1/4” all around.  

I got so excited about putting all the blocks together I forgot to take individual pictures of the four blocks for month twelve.  They are the 6th blocks on rows 1, 2 and 4 and the first block on row 3.

My layout is a little different from the original.  Partly because I wanted as many blocks as possible to be upright and partly because I got so confused sewing them all together.  I always seem to have trouble putting together a top when the blocks are on point.
The borders are still left to do and I must begin work on them because they add so much to the quilt.

Once again Dawn has outdone herself with another beautiful pattern. You can see it here.

Happy Stitching,


  1. You have done beautiful stitching on the Noah and Matilda quilt blocks. The end product will be worth the effort.

  2. Wow, that has got to feel good! What a lovely quilt!

  3. Oh, my gosh, Nancy!! This is gorgeous and its done (except for the borders)!! How wonderful!!

  4. Wow Nancy!!! It looks amazing!!

    You are way ahead of me. I just started stitching December's blocks last night. I still have the border to do too.

    Looking forward to seeing yours with the border on.


  5. Your Noah and Matilda blocks are so pretty! I love the close-up views where you can see those pretty fabrics used.

  6. It is great! You have really stuck with thus one.

  7. Looking wonderful Nancy!
    Good idea how you managed the ruler.I guess you could also cut larger and then trim back. I have one of these and haven't had this problem so far ...but now am prepared :)

  8. Beautiful! And I agree, Dawn's patterns are superb.

  9. What a joy seeing all these beautiful blocks together in the bold colors of new fabric. I enjoy seeing the closeups of your blocks, recognizing a few fabrics I have. Well done, Nancy.

  10. Some how, Nancy, I missed this post with your N &M center put together. It's lovely and I like how you did arrange the blocks. It's the first top I've seen together and it is amazing how brillant the colors look. Beautiful.


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