Saturday, January 3, 2015

Harrison Rose

Dawn and her daughter do such a great job creating patterns from antique quilts.  Over the last few years I have made several quilts from Collector With a Needle patterns.  It seems I have started a tradition without even realizing it.

The first was Feathered Tulip in Vases

That one went so well I  decided to make Calico Paradise

This Past year I started Noah and Matilda and have the center completed.  I do see a trend here.

Their latest pattern is Harrison Rose.

Harrison Rose is such a pretty pattern of an antique quilt  I felt like I really wanted to make it.  We wouldn’t want to break a tradition would we.

These are some of the fabrics I am going to use.  I have collected so many bubblegum pinks and this seemed like a good quilt to use some of them.

At first I thought about doing it in the traditional reds and greens or even some of my beautiful Kaffe fabrics but decided to go with the pinks.

I do think this pattern would be just beautiful made in some of the wonderful new fabrics.  The pieces are large enough to really show them off.  It’s just that I don’t have a large collection of them and I wanted to use fabrics I already had.

Harrison Rose has several options for the flower block.  This is the one I choose.

Dawns patterns are so well done.  The  blocks are full sized so you don’t have to have them enlarged and as an extra all the quilting designs from the original quilt are included.  To see any of these patterns just click on the  names of the quilts.

 Happy Stitching in this new year.


  1. Oh, those pinks in the Harrison Rose are perfect!! Although, I think the Kaffe fabrics would be fantastic!! Hey, I know, you could do one of each!! :-))

  2. Wonderful fabrics for your new work.

  3. Your start of the Harrison Rose is very pretty. Interesting that it is all applique. I could handle that.

  4. What a pretty pattern and I love the fabrics you are using! What a gorgeous stack of bubblegum pinks! Enjoy your stitching :0)

  5. Really great pattern and your colors for it are just gorgeous!!

  6. Dawn does create patterns for some wonderful vintage quilts. Kudos to you for making them. Since they are applique, I watch from the sidelines. : )

  7. Your fabric choices are perfect! I am so excited to follow along with your progress.

  8. This quilt us going to be beautiful. Nice start.

  9. Love the way the colors look both old and modern at once. This is going to be a beauty!

  10. Those pinks are just going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see more blocks you've put together!

  11. WOW! We are so honored you like our patterns!!
    Your work is lovely, and your fanric selection looks perfect. I am looking forward to seeing your progress.

  12. Just had to smile by myself, reading this post, as by accident I came across this pattern yesterday en really love it and even doubt of ordering it, from the US to Holland, And now, seeing it here, I love it even more. You did a great job chosing your fabrics, as I think they are perfect. Have fun with the first stitches, and I cannot wait to see the first blocks!
    Kind regards from Ageeth

  13. I really like her patterns too! Your fabric choices are so pretty - I can't wait to see your progress!!
    Happy New Year!!!

  14. Wow--you make quilts now don't you--love those color choices!
    thanks for visiting me and hope you will be back--but in the meantime--I think I need to keep an 'eye' on this site and your wonderful work!
    smiles, di and miss gracie

  15. I'm so excited that you are starting this one - and your fabric choices are perfect! I love it - and love all Dawn's patterns too. So very tempted to take this one on too ...

  16. Beautiful fabric choices for this quilt Nancy! I LOVE your Pink & Green theme.
    Like you, I couldn't resist ordering this pattern. Although I have no idea what fabrics I'm going to use just yet.

    I look forward to following your progress on this lovely quilt!


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