Monday, December 1, 2014

Flags of the American Revolution

It’s the first of another month already -  Time to post about Flags of the American Revolution and as usual I am not prepared.  I do have the blocks stitched but had no pictures taken so that had to be done.

Whiskey Rebellion was November’s appliqué block.

We were to make only three pieced sawtooth star blocks but since I was already going I made all five.

Looking at the picture in the book we appear to be nearing the end.
This month we are stitching the two crescent  blocks and some of the star moon blocks.
I think I will start putting together what I can.
I am linking with Lori at Humble Quilts.  


  1. Your blocks are great! It is going to be a wonderful quilt!

  2. Good blocks Nancy! I like the tan colors you picked for your sawtooths

  3. I haven't made my stars yet but I like the idea of making all five at once.

  4. Nice blocks Nancy! I made all 5 of my star blocks also but since they were all the same I only took a picture of one!

  5. preciosos bloques,
    estoy visitando todos los blogs que trabajan el la bandera revolución americana
    grandes trabajos

  6. I like your stars - very calming. It is so fun to do this quilt-along and see what others are doing!

  7. Your star blocks look so nice with the eagle :)

  8. Great blocks, I love the blue print in the stars and the blue backround for your eagle as well as the beige start print in the stars. Great fabrics and lovely achievement.

  9. Very pretty!

    Lizzy at gone to the beach

  10. I love your eagle! Your blocks look wonderful together and I think your quilt is really going to be just beautiful!


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