Friday, March 14, 2014

Quilting Flower Garden

This has been my motto this week as I have been attempting to quilt my Flower Garden quilt.

  Now I must say the quilting of a quilt is my least favorite thing to do.  In fact I just don’t enjoy it on a good day and so far I have not had a good day with this one.

I did most of the stitch in the ditch quilting on the top border and thought things were going well until I checked the back and saw the tension was flat lining in places.

So I ripped it all out and decided it was the timing on my machine or maybe the thread I was using or the needle.  After working on the timing and changing the thread and needle I started over.

It is better but still I am having to check each little motif as I go along to make sure the tension is alright.  Sometime it still flat lines and I have to rip and do over.  At this rate It will be the next century before this one is finished.

Oh happy day maybe this just isn’t for me.


  1. Oh bummer, machine quilting should not be stressful. I think sometimes it can be the fabric and batting combo that can also cause tension problems. The quilt is pretty, we like so much of the same thing, Roseville Album us on my unfinished pile, I am now calling it the four year quilt.

  2. It is a gorgeous quilt. That must be maddening to keep having to rip out your stitches. Enough to make a person do something drastic--like quilt by check. : )

  3. Oh how I feel your pain! I hate when the quilting process is so much more difficult than it should be. Sometimes, it's best just to walk away for a bit. Take a deep breath, and come back to it when you are more relaxed. That's what I do anyway...the quilt is amazing!

  4. My least favorite part too. You have my deepest sympathies for your struggles today.:)

  5. How frustrating for you! Hope things get easier and you can solve the tension problem - hang in there, it is such a stunning quilt.

  6. I feel your frustration. I do like machine quilting WHEN everything works together. I"m finding lots of time it is the thread or the combination I am using in the machine. My machine doesn't like many threads. Ah me! Hope you hit the right combination.

  7. If it's flat lining on the back the bobbin tension might be too tight, have you tried loosening that? Or the top thread might be too loose and is being pulled through by the bobbin thread. Sometimes you just have to fiddle with them both, practising on a scrap sandwich of cloth and batting to get the balalnce just right. Don't be afraid of changing the tension settings, they're meant to be adjustable.
    Very frustrating, but good luck!

  8. maravilloso trabajo!!!
    seguro que cuando estés descansada lo veras mas divertido,
    sera preciosa cuando este terminada
    buen fin de semana

  9. Been there, done that. My now-and-then frustration with tension problems can create a major headache, make me say really ugly words, and produce a feeling of failure. But this too shall pass. There are so many variables with that doggone tension--speed, needle, thread, tension in the top, tension in the bottom -- good luck and hang in there! Your quilt is beautiful.

  10. definitely try altering the tension, make a note of what works best so you can use it next time, your Flower Garden is looking stunning, keep at it you will be so pleased with it once it's is all done

  11. I do hope you can get the tension worked out so you can finish your beautiful quilt! It certainly takes the joy out when you have those problems. Btw, I like the collage you have at the bottom of your page with your beautiful quilts!!

  12. Hope you get it all worked out.
    Nothing is worse than machine frustration. That's usually when I take a break! A LONG break...


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