Monday, March 10, 2014

Chester Criswell Block 19

I made two versions of this months Chester Criswell block.

                   Block 19 Emily Carlile

Block 19 Margaret Criswell

Both blocks are made from the same pattern and I think I caught a subtle message in this months print out about there being a third year.  This is going to be a large quilt.


  1. Beautiful Nancy! Can't pick which one I prefer - both lovely.

  2. Beautiful blocks, I do love the all red one, think I might to the same :)

  3. Like the blocks both of them, cannot choose. Tilly

  4. I'm thinking that pretty soon at Christmas you will have red and green quilts to cover all your beds! Both blocks are pretty!

  5. I love the solid red block, but both are great. Your stitching is wonderful--such a pro!

  6. I can't decide - I like them both. I usually make the two colour choice, but then I see the single colour blocks and want to make another.
    Thank you for the photo link on my blog.

  7. Your work is absolutely gorgeous on both of these blocks!


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