Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Chester Criswell Quilt

Finally something to Post about.  I am all caught up with my Chester Criswell Blocks.

Block 13 Alice Criswell

I decided to just leave the horseshoe shapes off of block 13.  Too much stress involved in cutting those little things.  Anyway who will ever know the difference if they haven’t seen the pattern.

                                                    Block 14 Mary E Wilson

Block 15 Alice McClellan

I stitched two of blocks 14 and 15.  I believe there are three of block 14 and two of block 15 in the original quilt but two was enough for me.

 Block 16 Adaline Gibson

       Block 17 Criswell Gibson

This is block 14 all ready to press after soaking to remove all of the glue.  I always press my blocks when they are dry upside down on a clean white towel.  One other thing I try to remember to do is press with the straight of grain of the background fabric.  The straight of grain would be the direction of the selvedge or the direction without any stretch.
Try as hard as I may I always seem to find myself doing a little ironing instead of just pressing like you are supposed to.  If you go with the straight of grain there is less chance of stretching your blocks out of shape.
Hope everyone is well and back to stitching after the Holidays.


  1. These are some beautiful blocks, Nancy!

  2. They are lovely! I like your fabric choices - the touch of glowing blue in blocks 16 and 17 is wonderful.

  3. Congratulations on your beautiful work, Nancy! I love your centre block. Lovely fabric choices too, especially block 17.

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  5. son preciosos todos tus bloques !!!
    ¿quien va a tener en cuenta si falta algo?
    es tu edredón y esta genial

  6. You've been very quiet Nancy, I can see now you've been stitching. Nice collection, I do like the fabric in your Block 15. The flowers in Block 17 are nicely scattered across the block - did you plan it that way?

  7. Your blocks are looking great! This will be a beautiful quilt. I wondered what you had been stitching on!

  8. Wow Nancy, you have been so productive! i love all of your blocks and the fabrics you have used. I'm glad you didn't stress yourself out with the centre block, you're riight, no one will know about the missing squiggles :)

  9. Way to go, Nancy. They are gorgeous!

  10. I'm currently preparing Alice Criswell and I've made the same decision about those horseshoe shapes! I'm doing mine with freezer paper which is ugh mainly because it's so big. Wish me luck! Your block is beautiful.


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