Thursday, December 12, 2013

Robert’s Floral Garden

Back in September I started prepping the blocks for Roberts Floral Garden.
I have had this pattern in my stash for several years.  In fact I bought it long before I ever thought I wanted to or could do hand appliqué.  So one day last September I decided to start working on the blocks.

  I had purchased the fabric Bread & Butter by Kaye England to make a different quilt and it’s been sitting on my table staring up at me for months when all of sudden I thought it might work for 
Floral Garden.

 So far I think it’s going pretty well.

I really enjoy prepping blocks for appliqué.  I think it’s a hang over from my child hood when I spent so may hours cutting out paper dolls.  It’s like putting together a puzzle and once the picture is made I am in no hurry to do the stitching.

Floral Garden has 13 blocks eleven are appliquéd and two are pieced.  Most of the appliqué blocks have some stem stitching.

 I have five more blocks to prep and I am just about out of the dark green fabric I have been using for the leaves.  It’s not from the Bread & Butter line.  What to do.  I doubt it’s still available since I have had it so long.

So I have come to a halt until I find some more green.
Happy Stitching,

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  1. I have that pattern too but have taken on the challenge of doing it yet. I really like the background you chose. It's perfect.

  2. Love your blocks, fabric selection is great too.
    I too have this pattern from way back when ~~did you see the blue and white one from the Paducah Quilt Show? Oh, it's gorgeous! Still running amount in My head, I have plenty of blues to do list keeps getting longer and longer Hope I live long enough!

  3. This quilt is going to be stunning. The fabrics look great and I love the different backgrounds. I've just enjoyed looking at each block in close-up, your appliqué is just perfect! Good luck with the green fabric hunt!! Should be ok if you can find a similar tone.

  4. Beautiful work Nancy! Do hope you can finish it and find a fabric that will work there.

  5. So very pretty. Love your work! I enjoyed playing with paper dolls when I was younger too. Never thought about it in conjunction with applique, but there are definite similarities!

  6. Nancy, your blocks are absolutely beautiful - much prettier than the picture on the pattern! You have been busy! I agree that I am pretty fond of the prepping for appliqué, even choosing the fabrics and enjoying looking through all the choices. I loved cutting out paper dolls, too! Happy Stitching! Another similar green will work just fine I'm sure!

  7. Oh, Nancy!! You are so amazing!! I have said this many, many times before but I think your work is so spectacular!! And I can't wait to see how this quilt turns out!! Stunning!!

  8. Lovely work. I like your fabric selections. I also think you could mix greens. Do you have the ski of the green that is your first choice?

  9. Beautiful fabrics, your quilt will be beautiful!

  10. I did this quilt in blue & white - I absolutely LOVED making this quilt. LOVE your fabric choices....have fun!


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