Sunday, December 8, 2013

Block 13 Alice Criswell

Block 13 Alice Criswell

This is a large block it is the centre medallion of the quit. The finished size is 24 inches and it brought me to a complete stop with this quilt.  I really can’t explain why I just didn’t want to do it.
 I finally got the pattern made and the piece prepped and glued to the background.  Then I put it up on the wall to take a photo and noticed I had left part of it undone.  
I knew 13 was unlucky.

This is a picture of Sharon’s block.  Isn’t it beautiful? You can see the four little horseshoe shapes I forgot to add.
I guess I will have to needle turn these -  aargh!
I can’t believe how far behind I am on this quilt and it’s all because of my procrastinating on this block.
Not too happily stitching,


  1. se ve un bloque muy bonito
    y seguro lo terminas
    animo !!!

  2. Such an intricate block. I can see how you would procrastinate on the block. Beautiful though as the medallion.

  3. Arggh - last comment should have been from me. I was updating our guild page and forgot to change user - that is if you were wondering you Raincross is.

  4. Just leave them out Nancy. If you've already glued it you don't want to try and cut the horseshoes now.
    This block stopped me from starting the quilt for about 20 years - I'm a master procrastinator!

  5. I have number 13 cut out but have not had time to stitch it. I know I will not get to it until the new year. It looks like a bear to stitch.

  6. I started CCCQ with this block. It took a couple of months but I sat working on it as I was doing on-lie Polish lessons. I needle turned and really enjoyed the whole process. I often wonder why people think the number 13 is unlucky. Your block is looking lovely.

  7. Sharon you procrastinated because not only did you have to stitch the thing, you had to DRAFT it first... that would have stopped.

  8. Cheer up, it looks gorgeous! I'm with Sharon, just leave the horseshoes out. Love the fabric you have used, I was going to use the same but my piece wasn't big enough.

  9. It really looks GREAT! I am still plodding along on this same block.


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