Monday, June 24, 2013

Google Reader's Demise

I have not been posting, reading or commenting on blogs for a while due to lots of different family issues but I just wanted to take a moment and post a reminder about Google Reader.

On July 1, Google Reader will be gone forever I have no clue why Google Reader is soon to be gone.  But, I have made the transition to Bloglovin to read up on the blogs I follow.  It was actually super simple and took just a few minutes.
I put a button in my sidebar if you wish to use Bloglovin to follow my blog.  The other option is to receive blog posts via email or you may have already chosen another blog feed system.

Karen from "Sew Many Ways" has an excellent post today about setting up your account on Bloglovin.  If you would like to read it go here.

I know there will always be change in the world, especially change with the computers and systems constantly upgrading.  I am not a big fan of change but it keeps happening so I guess we just have to learn to go with it.  I do hope we don't lose all the little pictures of our followers under Google Friend Connect.
Here's hoping  you will continue to follow my blog on whatever feed you choose.
Happy Stitching,


  1. I'm already following you on bloglovin.

  2. Does this mean that blogs that are on my "favorite" list on my blog are not going to show updates when they post?


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