Sunday, June 9, 2013

Chester County Criswell Block 11

 William Criswell's block 

Jane Criswell's block

I made two versions of this block.  I must admit the history behind the names on this quilt is starting to get a little confusing to me even tho Sharon is doing a great job.  There is an excellent post here about the family tree.  I am just happy that Sharon is able to keep it all straight.  I really think she should write a book about this quilt.
I have just about run out of reds and greens and may repeat some but not too many.  Does anyone have any they could suggest.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Beautiful sewing on these blocks Nancy! I reckon those harp strings must have been tricky to do. I agree that the story around the CCCQ would make a great book.

  2. bueno!!! dos de cada vez, esto es fantástico
    los dos creo, que son muy bonitos
    buena semana

  3. Lovely. Those harps look like a real challenge and are very unique.

  4. Two blocks, that was fast! The family tree is a bit confusing, and I reserve the right to change previous stories if I find new information .
    Nice to see both versions of the lyre block. Whenever I go to a new patchwork shop I always check out the reds and greens first.

  5. Beautiful applique Nancy. This is the first time i've heard of the quilt. Sounds fascinating. Thanks again for the giveaway package. I mentioned it on my blog today too.

  6. Your applique work is wonderful. Always interesting to see a new finished block!

  7. I finally started prepping blocks for this quilt. I am thinking of ordering some more red reproduction fabric for some more added variety.


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