Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bonnie Hunters Easy Street

I finally got the binding on this huge quilt Bonnie Hunter calls Easy Street.  
It measures 99 X 99.
I must say my street wasn't all that easy in fact it had several pot holes.

 This one almost blew the tires off my car.  I have no idea what happened.  I was merrily quilting along - almost to the bottom of the quilt when all of sudden this terrible noise erupts from my machine and part of a needle goes flying by my head.  At first I thought I must have hit a pin but there were no pins in this area.  Still can't figure out what happened.

I had to remove the quilt from the machine to repair it.  Thank heaven for zippered leaders. A hole was torn all the way through to the back.  I replaced the two torn pieces on the front and ironed a small piece of fusible interfacing to cover the hole in the back then I stitched over it to hold in place.  I was so happy the backing fabric hid the stitching and now I have a hard time finding the repair.

Once repaired and back on the machine I finished the quilting and everything ended up fine.  I did have to retime my machine which I had never done before but it wasn't as scary as I had imagined.  No more giant quilts for me for a while.

Hope your are finding some time to stitch.

PS:  Some people are writing they are having their comments disappear before they are able to get them posted.  I have no idea what the problem is but if I keep having all these problems with blogger I am going to have to make a change.  Anyone else having this problem?


  1. I haven't had the "disappearing comment" problem again, since it happened to me here. Very strange!
    I LOVE your Easy Street--the border is wonderful! That is interesting how your needle went flying and the quilt was torn. Wonder what happened? I'm glad you didn't let it stop you. What a glorious finish!!

  2. Wonderful finish! Such a pretty quilt. I had to laugh at the almost 'blowing the tires off your car', but wow! I would have been going crazy to have that happen esp. so close to a finish! Glad your machine is fixed and working again and you didn't get hurt.

  3. Hmmm, wonder if you just hit a thick seam and it bend the needle just enough to hit your throat plate? I've had that happen and it tore the fabric. Love your finish, it's fabulous. I find blogger unstable at best, intermittent issues when trying to upload pics, posts, etc. I just roll with it, 'cus me thinks we get what we pay for, and it's free! ;-)

  4. Your Easy Street turned out so pretty! So sorry you had such a problem but I know with your expertise that no one else will ever spot it. Glad you were towards the bottom and could take it off the machine for repair.

  5. Quite beautiful! Congrats on your finish. Someday could you tell us about timing? I don't know if I would recognize it and how to solve it. I've found if I start typing a comment before the page has completely loaded, I lose my comment. Wonder if that is what the others are referring to. I've learned to just wait til it's done uploading.

  6. es precioso!!!! el remate final es genial,
    me gusta

  7. Love your easy street! Now that little mishap with your machine must have scared the bejeebers out of you. Nice save and a beautiful treasure.

  8. Oh my what a struggle you had with the quilt, but you repaired it wonderful. I love how the quilt is now, you choose so beautiful fabrics !!

  9. Too bad about the little repair but looks like you did a great job fixing it. The quilt is really pretty. In the thumnail picture it almost looks like a woven coverlet!
    I loke the colors.
    Congrats on the finish!

  10. Thanks for posting this. I haven't found a border fabric for my Easy Street and would have thought the piano key border would be too busy till I saw yours. It looks great!

  11. Really nice looking Easy Street. I have heard that it wasn't that easy, too. ;-). I haven't delved in yet, but still want to. Take care.


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