Friday, March 23, 2012

Scrappy Cheddar Squares Quilt

Thanks for all the suggestions for the background choice for this quilt.  As you can see I decided to go with the Cheddar.  This is the quilt I hope to make.  It's a pattern from a really old quilting magazine.  The pattern is really simple just a lot of sewing - that's why I am doing it as a leader ender project.

It's really just a lot of 2 inch squares sewn around a 5 inch square center with sashing strips.  I haven't gotten as far as the sashing strips yet.
You cut the squares and sew them together like this 6 patches and 14 patches.

Then sew the squares around the center block.  So simple you don't even need written directions.

I have completed about 20 blocks so far and now I need to make some more 6 and 14 patches.  
Back to the leader enders.
Happy Stitching,


Lorraine said...

Looks great!! What size is the sashing in the pattern?

Linda said...

What a scrappy delight this will be!

katiemedarlin said...

That is just a wonderful pattern. I have a box of scraps that I've been looking for something to do with. This would be just perfect. Thanks!