Monday, March 19, 2012

Can't Decide!

I have been sewing these little two inch squares of some of the ugliest fabrics out there as leaders and enders for quite a while and now the  time has come  to put some of them together and make the blocks for this scrappy quilt.  
I pulled out some of the background fabrics I have but can't seem to decide which one I like the best  so I decided to get some input from some of you.
 This first background is white with little red specks on it.
This one is a very bright Cheddar.
 Here is old faithful White.
And this one is a light cream with little black flowers.

I don't think any of these would be all that bad but at the moment I am leaning towards the Cheddar just can't decide if I would like a large quit with that much really bright Cheddar.
Anybody have a suggestion maybe even a completely different color.
What do you think?


  1. Love the pop of the cheddar! Makes a happy summer picnic looking quilt!

  2. Bright cheddar! Looks so yummy

  3. the faithful white.. gives a nice crisp sping look.

  4. I like the cheddar--it looks more homey and user friendly.

  5. I am liking the cheddar..but white is safe...grin

  6. Deffinately the white with red specks.

  7. I like the white with red or the light cream with little black flowers. I also think blue might look good.

  8. A pale yellow or pale green would look OK if you do not like the bright cheddar. Thats what so fun about quilting, You can put all sort of different colors together and it looks great!!!

  9. Cheddar please. I just like it in this quilt.

  10. Have you tried using black? That usually makes the other colors pop out.


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