Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Keeping Up, Catching Up and Cleaning Up

So far I have been able to keep up with my Farmers Wife Sow Along blocks.  Now known as the Barristers Block Sow Along.  If you are interested in why you can find out  here.

  Keeping up with those Just Takes Two blocks   keeps getting harder and harder. I have been thinking about stopping but I sure am learning a lot and I do have all that red and white fabric.
I am trying really hard to catch up with the Beyond the Cherry Tree quilt.  I have completed one border three more to go.
These borders are really long but I think quite pretty.

As far as cleaning up.  I got out my scrap basket and my GO cutter and one day I just cut squares. 2, 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 inch.  They take up a lot less space.
How are you keeping busy?
Happy stitching,


  1. Nancy! Loved seeing that you have one of the sides done for the BTCT. I, too, have only three more sides to go. Your border looks great. Can't wait to see your quilt top completed.

  2. I have read that several people are stopping the Take 2 project and using just the blocks they have. They surely can't keep getting harder.

  3. I still have 3 blocks to go on BTCT, Your border looks great. As for JT2, stick with it. I think some of the patterns and directions are the pits, but if you can work it out, the blocks are very good. It's a great skill builder, but what is tricky is doing one block at a time. Once you struggle and figure it out, there aren't 8 more the same, just the next one to figure out all over again. Your feathered star looks amazing, I have only made some the of the 1/2 sq tri's for this block. I'm a bit behind.

  4. That would be a good use for the go cutter! Hmm, clean out and narrow down the scraps! Your quilt projects are so pretty and the red and white is very outstanding and perfectly pieced!


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