Monday, January 30, 2012

White Chocolate for My Bed

When I was making our bed the other day I realized we needed  a new quilt since I was still using my Christmas quilt and it's almost February. 

I had purchased this book with the idea of making a neutral quilt for our kingsized bed and then using some of the smaller quilts I have made as accents across the foot of the bed.

I really like log cabin quilts so I picked the White Chocolate pattern from the book and started digging through my stash pulling all my neutral fabrics.

I also got out my Go cutter and the 2 inch strip die to do the cutting. I love it when I find uses for my Go cutter because it makes the cutting so easy and accurate. Cutting the strips on the lengthwise grain helps keep them from stretching when sewing them together and I don't need to square up my blocks as often.

I kept cutting and sewing until all my neutral fabric were used up.   
In the end there were only 72 twelve inch blocks.
This is the placement I choose and when the blocks were all sewn together the quilt was only 92 inches square.  Not quite large enough for a kingsized bed.

So I am thinking maybe some borders but not quite sure what kind.
Any suggestions?


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! I like the randomness of the neutrals throughout the blocks!!

  2. What about a narrow border of a dark fabric, in browns to play off your neutrals, then a piano key border, if you have fabric left. Just a thought.

  3. This is lovely - how many hours - days did it take you to make this beauty?

  4. Beautiful quilt ! I have to buy this book, after seing several of the patterns, all wonderful in neutral.


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