Sunday, July 17, 2011

Simple Things with Borders

All that's left is the quilting.
Well, I just couldn't help myself.  Knowing myself as I do I just had to remove the brown bits.
If I had enough to put some in the borders I would have left them but since I did not I knew they would drive me nuts every time I looked at the quilt.  Removing them wasn't too bad and I did learn a lesson. Stack all your fabrics together and look at them before starting to see if any one  fabric jumps out at you. This is something I knew already but never seem to remember to do.  Maybe this little quilt will help me remember.
Thanks Kelly for a fun little quilt.

Happy Stitching,


  1. Very cute. I went back and looked and you were right, the brown needed to go. Good choice. Sometimes it's worth making the changes. I did that will a basket handle one time, the thread color just picked at me until I changed it!

  2. I never noticed until you pointed it out, but your right, it made the difference. I love your quilt.

  3. Your quilt top looks lovely. I love the border.

  4. Looks great Nancy and I think I would have done what you did seems how it annoyed you so much. You will be more happy with it now with the brown bits gone :)

  5. I loved seeing your Simple things quilt in the parade and just had to hop over here to tell you!


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