Monday, July 11, 2011

Accuquilt Retreat Quilt

I finished my Accuquilt Retreat quilt.

This was our project at the Accuquilt retreat in June.  It was all cut with the GO using the drunkards path dies.

I can't  believe how easily these blocks went together.  I have always been told to sew your blocks with the pie shape on top but Leslie at Country Traditions suggested we sew with the  L shape  on top and it worked so much better for me.
I did use two pins - some people didn't use any.

Accuquilt already has a little notch in the center of each piece so you don't have to do all that folding to find the center.

One thing I found to be very important with this die is the fabric grain. It is absolutely necessary to place your fabric on the die with the length wise grain of the fabric running along the length of the die.  If you don't your blocks just won't sew together as well and will be misshapen.  Ask me how I know this.
Happy stitching,


  1. Beautiful colors in this. Thanks for the tip on the grain of fabric, maybe that's why my DP blocks are less than stellar. It was my first go at using the cutter and I know I didn't pay any attention to the grain. Isn't it great when something works so well!

  2. I love those notches! I'm working on my own twin size Drunkard's Path and it goes together so much more easily with the notches to line up.


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