Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Accuquilt Retreat"

The first morning of the retreat we met at Country Traditions for  a catered breakfast.  Then we gathered to meet the Accuquilt team Steve and Linda and Leslie from Country Traditions.

The CEO of Accuquilt Steve Nabity told us a little history about how Accuquilt began.  He was very nice and quite funny.

The rest of the day was spent sewing and learning about the GO cutter.  Accuquilt  provided cutters for everyone to use and  made all of their dies available.

Every evening there were always lots of giveaways.  This was just one of the great prizes everyone got.  Linda Pumphrey from Accuquilt made the bags and filled them with lots of great things.

Friday evening there was a special giveaway by Accuquilt.  The team of Accuquilt employees came down the ramp and gave all 73 retreaters an "Accuquilt GO Baby"

 After that surprise there was a special event "Sew and Tell party" that was catered by Michelle Kaiser of Alotta Brownies.  Spectacular pastries.

 I don't take the best pictures and if you want to see more pictures of the retreat go to the Accuquilt Facebook page.

More about Saturday and the special die when my box from Accuquilt arrives.


  1. Gift bags ! ! !
    GO! Baby.

    Oh, I am just green with envy.


  2. Oh wow--I have to go to Fremont one of these days to visit a friend--I am definitely going to stop at Lotta Brownies!


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