Sunday, June 29, 2014

Encouraged to Post

I met with my little quilting group last Thursday and was told they had all seen enough of Chester Criswell's Block 20 and would I please post something new.  So today I thought I would update things a little and put up some pictures of the little quilts I have finally gotten around to finishing.

This first one was made from a bunch of waste triangles I had left over from other quilts.  The little half square triangle blocks are 1 inch finished.

This little quilt was made from some left over Drunkards Path blocks.

Spring Nine Patch and Simple Shoofly are two I made from Temecula Quilt Company’s 2013 monthly Mini program.

And this is what happens when you wait too long to post about something.  I can’t remember where this pattern came from any one have an idea?

I believe this one came from Quilts by Cheri but am not sure and when I checked her blog most of her pictures were just black boxes with a triangle and an exclamation point in them.  I wonder what’s up with that?

This last one I made for Lillian’s little 4 year old pre-school class to give to their teacher as an end of the year gift.  Each child (with the help of their mother) chose a special word they thought described their teacher and made a 12 inch hand print block. I put them together in a wall hanging.  From what I have heard it seemed to go over well.
Happy Stitching,


  1. Beautiful little quilts, but I always love seeing your Criswell blocks, too.

  2. oh I love all these little quilts, adorable. I need to make a few more.
    ok love that quilt for the preschool teacher, bet the children had fun making it and were just as happy as the teacher at that age they just are so proud of their work.
    This was so nice of you to do this
    its wonderful

  3. Nancy, I am so glad to see your latest little quilts! They all just have a personality of their own and what a nice way to use up your leftover fabrics from other quilts. The school quilt turned out great and I'm sure the teacher will cherish it for years to come! Glad to see you are back posting!! I missed your blogging!

  4. All those quilts are great! Wonderful finishes, Nancy.

  5. Beautiful quilts--HST's I have a love/dislike relationship with them

  6. Sweet little quilts and they make such a nice collection. I am not on speaking terms right now with a UFO that has HST's. We are taking a break from each other for awhile.
    Yours look so good - maybe you could chat with mine?

  7. Oh, wow--you are speaking my language here, Nancy! Can I come live at your house with all of these sweet little quilts? : )
    You have given me some ideas I can't wait to try out!
    And having been a preschool teacher, I'm pretty sure that little quilt at the end was a roaring success!!

  8. So much loveliness! Always a joy to see your mini's.:)

  9. I'm with LuAnn- beautiful mini quilts but I also love to see your CCCQ blocks.

  10. All your work is lovely, great to see all the finishes. Tired of CCCQ Blocks - say not so! :)

  11. Your little quilts are beautiful, I always have a little pang of guilt when I throw away the trimmed corners, now I am also going to have that pretty little quilt they could be in my mind also. The hand print blocks are just precious.
    Happy Stitching Nancy

  12. Wonderful little quilts! So much inspiration, thanks for sharing. Aren't bee friends so good at "motivating"? LOL, mine do the same thing!

  13. Your quilting on each quilt is perfect. They accent each pattern. It is really hard to quilt minis. With such small spaces you are limited to simple patterns.

  14. I'm sure the teacher will treasure her quilt! So sweet.
    Your little quilts are wonderful. What a great feeling to have so many done. I'm glad you have the support of stitchers encouraging you to post :-)

  15. Oh, you are so funny!! I am so glad your guild "encouraged" you to post!! All your little quilts are so cute and are so different from what you usually share!! I checked out Cheri's blog and it seems to be okay now - at least from this computer!! Great post!! :-))


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