Tuesday, February 18, 2014

BB, CC and NM

I am working on so much red and green sometime it is a little confusing keeping each group of fabric seperate.

This is block two of the Benjamin Biggs quilt, BB.  I decided to make all the corner buds cheddar.  These blocks are so large, 16” finished.  I have made the first two blocks and am beginning to second guess my decision to make this quilt.

Block 18 of the Chester Criswell quilt, CC.
Mary McKissick’s Block.  The quilt has three of this block two red and one red and green.  I think I will stop with two.


The next four blocks are of the Noah and Matilda quilt.  This one is one of my favorites.  I like the little 8” blocks and how different they are.


  1. Wow, you have been very busy, Nancy!!! ove your fabric selections for BB. I am saving the patterns for this one because I want to shrink them down a bit.
    Love your red CC block. Are you going to do all 3 versions of the block?
    Your NM blocks are wonderful!! Love the blue in there! I am about half way through the 3rd one.

  2. All Lovely!
    Just wait until you see month three...a little bird, a variety of flowers and...well, the rest is a surprise :-)
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. We discussed the N & M quilt BOM at our applique group, the pattern and download is very well done. I am still on block 1 of BB and I'm debating this project. Do I need another 100 x 100 red/green/cream appliqued quilt? I don't think so. Hmmm

  4. Each block is lovely. You are doing well on them, even if they do get confusing! : )

  5. All your blocks are just wonderful!! I love you fabric choices for Noah and Matilda!!


  6. All your red and green quilts are turning out so pretty! I really like the idea of the cheddar rosebuds on all the corners of the blocks. All so nicely done and pretty fabrics chosen!

  7. Looks like you're keeping up. Your fabric selections are beautiful. The cheddar buds will add pizazz to a typical red and green combo.

  8. I just love all of these blocks, the use of cheddar on BB is an inspired choice. You're inspiring me to get a shuffle on with my CCCQ. N & M looks great too, once again love your colours and fabrics. I know too well the feeling of too many projects!

  9. Red and green are lovely, but it's not the most wide ranging palette, is it? I love your all red CCCQ block, I will have to make one too. Noah and Matilda is tempting, I love your finished ones.
    Thank you for the blog link on my Chester Criswell quilt blog.

  10. Your blocks are just gorgeous! I keep a bag for each of my BOMs so that I can keep the fabric together, and they still get mixed up sometimes - LOL.


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