Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I haven't' had much time for quilting or blogging in the past month.  I  have been doing a little traveling with my Hubby in his flying machine.  Such fun.
Maybe I can get back to my hobby soon.
Happy Stitching,


belarmina said...

esta bien viajar con el marido!!
pero nos acordamos de tus trabajos
los esperamos

Kris said...

Nancy, are you really travelling in that cool plane?? How fun!! :-)) You've been missed!!

Miriam said...

Nancy you are very brave getting in that little plane!!! My DH used to fly a small plane a little and I was never brave enough to go up. All the kids loved it though!

Kathie said...

having fun thats a good thing too
look forward to seeing your quilting again soon though!

audrey said...

Wow! You are very brave! Hope to see you soon.:)

judith lockhart said...

So glad you've been having fun but we miss you and all your quilting that you show!!

A Nudge said...

Oh what a treat. I love flying!
Lucky you. The quilting will be waiting for you when you're done having fun. Keep us posted.

Carole~Wheels on the Warrandyte Bus said...

Wow! I was wondering where you had disappeared to - what fun.

Karen Walker said...

Fun! What kind of plane?