Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Easy Street, Whew!

I know some of you have heard of the Big Green Egg, well this is the big green quilt.
So big it won’t fit on the wall to get a good picture.  I still have to decide on the borders.  I am leaning towards something like this but am not sure I want to do this much more work.

I could just leave it as it is and not add a border or just add a plain border although I may not have enough of one fabric to make a plain border.  
It needs to just rest a while and so do I..
Happy stitching,


  1. Amazing! One of the prettiest I've seen.

  2. Wow! Love the bright green. Amazing!

  3. Looks great--ver pretty! Really like your greys and how they go with your background fabrics--gives it a soft (suede-ish) look in contrast to the greens and others. A rest is definitely deserved--looks big!

  4. WOW! NO broder- it will look great without it!

  5. I would audition a big print as well. If you put a stop border (that dark teal in the quilt) then the strippy piano key that would give the eye a place to rest. It's a lot of work, but I just finished this type of border for a quilt and it was definitely worth the time. I love your color combo, it's a terrific quilt.

  6. Your quilt looks so bright and summery. According to Pantone, emerald green is the color for 2013. So see, you're ahead of the curve. The purple is the perfect complement and you've used gray as the new neutral.

  7. Everything is so gorgeous. I can only hope to be as good. You have a lovely blog and love your tutorials too!


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