Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feathered Tulips in Vases

I bought the fabric for this quilt in August of 2012 and started stitching in September.
Sunday I completed the top of Feathered Tulip in Vases.  
She measures 90 x 90 and is a lot prettier than the picture shows.

The original pattern only had three borders but it seemed more balanced to me with four so I added one more. I suppose it depends on how you use the quilt.   On a bed the top row would be covered by pillows and you wouldn’t see it.  
I enjoy doing reproduction quilts.  This pattern is from Collector With a Needle.  Dawn has several wonderful patterns she has drafted from antique quilts.
Hope you are all finding some time to stitch.


  1. Oh, Nancy - this quilt is gorgeous!! I would love to see it in person!! You never cease to amaze me with your exquisite workmanship!!

  2. A very good quilt in the works. I like the colors you chose. The design very prim in style. I am familiar with Dawn's patterns and glad to see a quilt made from one.

  3. This is gorgeous. Now how are you going to quilt it? I see big feathers and x hatching and outlines. Hand or machine?

  4. This is stunning, Nancy! I've had my eye on this pattern in Dawn's Etsy shop. Looking forward to seeing it quilted!

  5. Beautiful work! I love the colours you used.

  6. It's wonderful! Beautiful work. I know what you mean about not photographing well. Some quilts are just stubborn that way.:)

  7. Nancy, how beautiful! Can't wait to see it quilted.

  8. Wow! Your quilt is beautiful. Having a project that is part of the slow stitching movement is very nice. You've done a spectacular job.

  9. Love seeing it with a fourth border added! Very nice.
    Will you be following the quilting from the original? Looking forward to seeing your finish.
    Thank you for sharing!

  10. just beautiful I like it with 4 borders too! congrats on a wonderful finish.


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