Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chester County Criswell

 This week I finished block six of the Chester County Criswell quilt and am ready for Sharon to post block seven on February first.  Each month Sharon posts a new block along with some very interesting history about it’s maker.  The history behind this quilt is the main reason I am making it.  If you enjoy reproduction quilts and the history behind them you can go to Sharon's blog and read more about the history of this quilt.

                                       Block one Jane Wilson

                                      Block two Elizabeth Cowan        


                                       Block three Priscilla Turner                

                                      Block four Nancy Smith

                                    Block five James Carlile

                                      Block six Reuben Stubbs’

                        All six of my interpretation of the blocks.

It’s been very interesting to follow the making of this quilt.  I never knew there were so many different ways to applique’ one piece of fabric to another. For this quilt I am using the starch method with the freezer paper on the bottom like I show here, but some are doing back basting,  freezer paper on top or underneath with needle turn, glue basting.  Some mark the pattern on the fabric some use an overlay and I am sure I have missed other methods.
However you applique I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


  1. I love these blocks! Can't wait to see them all together.:)

  2. Nancy, I really like the mixed backgrounds. They look very nice together! Lovely quilt blocks!

  3. I am dizzy with delight of so much applique. Off to Sharon's blog. And thanks for bringing this quilt to my attention. There is so much out there on the NET!

  4. Beautiful work Nancy. Your blocks look great together.

  5. All six blocks finished - you are definately on the winner's podium! I'm putting your blog in my sidebar so people can go around and around looking at lovely pictures.

  6. All of your blocks look gorgeous! I've enjoyed trying different applique techniques that I have learnt from other bloggers doing this quilt. I'm going to have to get my sewing skates on to catch up to you.


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