Tuesday, June 12, 2012

This, That and The Other

I completed a couple more blocks from Christmas 101 and I ran into a little problem.  I have always used Elmer's school glue sticks to tack down my larger applique pieces rather than lots of little pins.  
Last week I saw  this new glue Lapel at the quilt shop so I bought some and used it last night ....Look what happened when I pressed this block.  
Now these glue sticks are a lot more expensive than Elmer's so it's back to Elmer's for me and Mr. Lapel has a new home in the trash.
Here's hoping it comes out in the wash.

I am also up to date with my Marti Michell Farmers Wife red and white blocks but not for long because a new set comes out Friday.

       This little quilt was made from 1 1/2 inch waste triangles. I think it's pretty cute.

This is my version of  "Brass Buttons" from the  Civil War Legacies book.

I think I have the little quilt fever thanks to Kathie from Inspired by Antique Quilts.  She just posted another one I would like to make.


  1. Your red and white blocks are stunning using all the different shades! I like all the little quilts you are making and the Christmas 101 is really sweet. Thanks for theinfo about the glue!

  2. Oh, Nancy, I hope that glue does come out in the wash!! What a shame - thanks for the heads up - I'll keep using my Elmers too!! And your little quilts are darling - I especially like the one with the 1-1/2 inch waste triangles!!

  3. hope the glue come out, love the waste triangle quilt and the brass buttons! too cute.
    aren't they just fun to make!
    red and white blocks are looking good!

  4. Love Carol Hopkins patterns - you have cute little quilts.
    Still have not started a red and white project - stashed farbics though.
    Thanks for sharing your projects!

  5. Love all your projects. Good to know about the lapel glue, I just got one of those with a template I bought. I will be very cautious trying it now.

  6. Just came from Taryn's link up. Love these little quilts! I have that book--need to get it out and look at the Brass Buttons pattern. I think I need that one. : )


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