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Friday, May 11, 2012

Rose of Sharon

I have been trying to assemble my Rose of Sharon quilt this week.  I don't know why I had so much trouble getting this one to go together but I finally accomplished the task.  This is the way the quilt is shown finished in the book but it looks to me like it could use another border.

This quilt was done as a BOM quilt last year at Intown Quilters in Atlanta so off I went to Intown today.
Sarah and the girls at Intown are so helpful we pulled lots of batiks and this is what we ended up with.

 I thought these fabrics looked great in the store but now that I have them home and up on the wall I am not so sure anymore.  That outside border is just wild and really yellow-green.
So I am asking for opinions again.
What do you think No border, this border or keep looking?


  1. It is really hard to tell from a picture online (IMHO)
    Your gut will tell you ;-)
    I can see this one working - when I look into the sashing I see the colorway.
    Try a piece on the side and top and see if w/o your design wall showing "it talks to you"
    Beautiful quilt!! Congratulations.

  2. I think it is beautiful! I agree with Dawn it is hard to tell on the computer.

  3. I love the outside fabric but I don't think it's right for this piece. But as mentioned, it's hard to tell via the pc. What if you used the darker fabric and then used the first border fabric but 2x wider? This is such a beautiful quilt. You'll know when it's right!

  4. I have looked at your border choices for a bit and I think they will work perfectly. They please my eye.

  5. Very hard to tell. You will know when it is right just keep trying a few different ways and it will happen.

  6. I don't care for batiks, but this sashing is an exception- what about a batik that is more blue than yellow for the border- that might not look as harsh to you. The quilt top is magnificent, by the way

  7. I think the addition of more borders will make you very happy. I do see yellow-green in some of the sashings. Was there any more available of the same sashing fabric you already used? Or even just a wider border of the purple you have up there now? Your applique is beautiful.

  8. I agree with Linda, but if you don't think it's right keep looking. How about another batik with more blue. I found if I lay the quilt out in different light levels I will have more info if it will work.

  9. First up Nancy this is one gorgeous quilt, there is so much work done here, it is just beautiful. I thought at first that you still had the boarder to make and it would be a appliqué border. SO I agree with you about adding a border, this border will work; what it will do is push the eye back in to the quilt when it wanders out to the edge. At present it is making you question your self because it is not all the way around yet so the eye is still wandering off the quilt. If it was mine I would try adding a few roses to this added border also. But after saying all that Nancy this quilt is stunningly beautiful as is. Cheers Glenda

  10. Nancy this is lovely. I agree with the lot, if it doesn't feel right to you keep looking. It is hard to tell by a picture, from my point of view the border shows a lot of yellow and see more cool colors in the colors you used. It is beautiful Nancy.

  11. You've got some lovely bright colors in the applique. I'd almost be inclined to head 'bright' with a border...something to compliment the dominant pieces.

  12. I hope to someday do this quilt....LOLLLL....or at least start it. I'm a great starter. This is just gorgeous.

  13. Beautiful quilt. As most have said, it's hard to tell from photo, but I think an outer border with less "yellow" would work...bring more of the greens from the blocks

  14. Beautiful!!! You did a really outstanding job.

    Visiting from Sew Many Ways "Find A Friend Friday".

  15. It appears to have to much yellow/green to go with your beautiful quilt! What a fabulous quilt!!! I would keep looking,I think it would look wonderful with another border.


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